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Thursday, November 11, 2010


Greenbuild comes to McCormick Place next week and local Sloan Valve Company is the Platinum sponsor. What an unsung hero with solar panels and wind turbines on the rooftop of their Franklin Park plant and national headquarters, they definitely are green giants. The champions of water-saving, energy-saving products, just wait til you see their Corn Cob sinks, solar faucets and sooooo... much more. Plus a very green announcement for Chicago schools.

If you aren't attending that mega-tradeshow...then you can read all about it and check it out on the news.

By the way, my new office is on the 5th floor of Greenview in Lakeview, and sports a gigantic green roof!

It's cool to be green...

Bye Bye Suburban Press

You know it was coming. Nonetheless it saddens me for the Sun-Times to chop so many
suburban newspapers. Sign of the times!