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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thank You Chicago P.D. and Icebreaker Merino

Congratulations to Jason Beghe and everyone on NBC's "Chicago P.D."  It's great having so many crews filming in Chicago and Jason and the cast have really embraced Chicago.  (Sorry about the weather!) Special thanks to Jason Beghe who is a big fan of Icebreaker Merino and attended our grand opening party at the New Zealand Merino clothing store at 44 E. Walton on the Gold Coast.  How fun to shop / chat with this amazing actor...I had a ball planning this Icebreaker VIP party! 

And some of the cast and supporting crew are surviving the cold wearing Icebreaker.  It was model/actress Allie Papp that created the heat wave.  Sophia Bush and others couldn't believe she wasn't cold on the set and liked the stylish clothes.  Layering and Merino wool from the Southern Alps is great to keep warm on those outdoor sets and so perfect for Chicago!

Jason was a great investigative shopper, he explored and learned a lot about layering and had a ball at the Icebreaker store. He looked fab in a blue hooded jacket and so many other Icebreaker items. A few folks posed photos with Jason and and were texting pictures of all their bags together with Jason.  It was hysterical... He is a true delight and seems to be loving Chicago!  All the store staff are huge fans after that great surprise visit.

I love Chicago P.D.   I love Icebreaker.  A double addiction for me this winter!!! 

Keep up the great work fighting crime, Jason Beghe.  And, thank you Jeremy Moon (and amazing Merino sheep from the Southern Alps of New Zealand who gladly donate their wool via infrequent haircuts).

Thumbs up "Chicago P.D." and Icebreaker.  Who said winter is so bad?  We're armed and ready!


RSSI Chicago is Ending Homelessness

Many thanks to all supported "Music to Our Ears: Ending Homelessness in Chicago."  The annual fundraising gala for RSSI Chicago.  NBC 5 meteorologist Alicia Roman and news anchors Allison Rosati and Rob Stafford did an incredible job as emcees.  Local models and personalities Allison Papp and Magdalena Martinez added beauty and fun, and the talented synchronized "Harp Twins" helped rock the party.  We loved helping to develop this event.  Stay tuned for future fun.  Together, we can end homelessness in Chicago!