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I love children's books because illustration with words can become the most beautiful message. And if animals are some of the main characters, all the better!
If you haven't already seen it, pick up the book "Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog" at Local author Regina E. McCarthy and her illustrator, Sue Dettman, created a wonderful book of characters and important messages--including
anti-bullying! It's a great way to empower kids and build self-esteem. WTTW - TV (11) did a nice piece on it when I did the launch PR awhile back.
Unfortunately, bullies can be found everywhere. It's getting close to Back to School time, so pick up the book in case you need to bring up this tough topic with a young person. The groundhog is very brave and the book is an awesome tool to get kids talking about what's going on at school or on the bus.
Blue Stone Healing Books are developed to help hear the hearts of children so they may lead healthy lives as adults.
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Sunday, September 7, 2014


Over the past month, we've had 26 TV segments about Renaissance Social Services and their quest to end homelessness. Below are two NBC5/Rob Stafford pieces that tell an amazing story of Tommie Miller, who spent 18 years homeless in Chicago, 16 of those years he lived under a bridge. Meeting Tommie on a cold winter night and asking him to please consider taking an apartment was just a very small part of the 2 years of work it took Renaissance Social Services to convince Tommie to let them help him.  Tommie is a new man, and because of news coverage where we were able to tell his story, Tommie was later reunited with his family.  It just doesn't get any better than that.  The news media in Chicago is a powerful force, with many people who care about making a difference.  Take a look at these segments by Rob Stafford/NBC5.  Because of him and RSSI, Tommie found his family and has grandchildren to bounce on his knee.  Many thanks to all the TV and radio stations and newspaper columnists who take the time to cover homelessness in our city.  We can end homelessness in Chicago if everyone gets involved.

Here is where you come in.  Come be a part of a huge fundraising initiative approved by the City Council.  We need volunteers. We need you!  Let's celebrate World Homeless Day with a solution and results in Chicago.  RSSI's weeklong initiative is all about DOING GOOD and RESULTS.

Volunteers, email us for more information about helping out Oct. 10 and 11, 2014 at

See more on my DO GOOD CHICAGO blog:

Chicago's Very Own: Book Author, Defense Attorney and Adult Literacy Advocate and Teacher

Rob Shindler's Book "Hot Dogs & Hamburgers" is changing the future for illiterate adults and kids.  The power of one person person's passion to help others is a lesson for us all.

Visit his site at to order the book.  And make sure to watch the amazing TV segment we did on WGN's "Chicago's Very Own!"(link below) A great way to start September.

Rob's journey started when his son was diagnosed with a disability.  He and his wife were told their son would never read past the 1st grade level. We all know the power of "Never say Never," and suffice it to say their son is heading off to a noted university when he graduates from high school next year.

 Rob, as a father, felt it was his responsibility to make a difference in his son's life and he volunteered at Literacy Chicago to learn how to teach his son to read. He never stopped volunteering and he has developed the most unique, entertaining methods of teaching that spark enthusiasm and results among his adult students.  His son and daughter (they are twins) accompany him to class sometimes because reading is a very special bond for them.

Doesn't that just want to make you volunteer somewhere?  (Read the next post!)