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I love children's books because illustration with words can become the most beautiful message. And if animals are some of the main characters, all the better!
If you haven't already seen it, pick up the book "Courageous Gilbert the Groundhog" at Local author Regina E. McCarthy and her illustrator, Sue Dettman, created a wonderful book of characters and important messages--including
anti-bullying! It's a great way to empower kids and build self-esteem. WTTW - TV (11) did a nice piece on it when I did the launch PR awhile back.
Unfortunately, bullies can be found everywhere. It's getting close to Back to School time, so pick up the book in case you need to bring up this tough topic with a young person. The groundhog is very brave and the book is an awesome tool to get kids talking about what's going on at school or on the bus.
Blue Stone Healing Books are developed to help hear the hearts of children so they may lead healthy lives as adults.
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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Life Time Chicago Triathlon

The 2011 Life Time Chicago Triathlon topped the list. Congrats to female pro triathlete Sarah Haskins on her three-peat (3 consecutive wins at the Chicago Triathlon 2009 - 2011, first-time in triathlon history!) and for being such a great gal. And to first-time winner Matt Chrabot, who has Chicago roots. It's always great to see Mike Adamle broadcasting from the finish line for NBC5 and always a great day when you can smile at the end of the day and know that every single media outlet covered this great event in spite of Hurricane Irene. The press in this city is amazing and we have an outstanding Mayor who came out and raced the event as a private citizen and had a lot of fun. Who could ask for a more glorious day?

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