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Friday, May 11, 2012

Back2School Supplies Campaign

Back to school can mean peer pressure and stress for kids who don't have school supplies to be able to function within the classroom.  Kudos to the Illinois Currency Exchange Foundation and also many thanks to NBC 5 morning team Daniella Guzman and Stefan Holt for being the honored emcees at the upcoming fundraiser/lunch at Maggiano's on June 19.  This year, ICECF's Back2School program will provide school supplies to nearly 20,000 underserved children in Chicagoland and Illinois.  What a great thing.  Not only does this help families tremendously if they simply cannot afford the supplies, it also helps the teachers who always try to help kids as much as they can by personally buying supplies.  Isn't it amazing what people can achieve working together?  Personally, I'd like to find my 5th grade teacher Bob Sakchewsky...I went to a small private school in NY... maybe 30 kids in my class and I owe my tremendous math and spelling skills to him.  In fact, I wouldn't be in PR today were it not for him as he entered an essay I wrote into a statewide contest (unbeknownst to me) and I won.  And, seriously, that is why I decided to get a journalism degree many years later.  So thanks to teachers who give their all, and people who contribute to kids well-being and school supplies!  Visit www.icecf.org or call 847.268.3550 or email info@icecf.org to reserve tickets to the luncheon ($85 each prior to    June 5).  Or, if you'd simply like to donate a few dollars into a canister, visit any of the 400 local Currency Exchanges after June 1 and you can do that.  THANK YOU!

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