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Monday, March 25, 2013

Read this Book: "The Show Must Go On"

Chicagoan Marion Elisberg Simon's memoir, "The Show Must Go On" is a page turner.  Her philanthropic efforts date back nearly a century yet her message is clear to all of us today. (And you may recognize some names in her book if you are a true Chicagoan and love society events).

From bringing educational opportunities to disadvantaged young people at Cabrini-Green to helping to create the Kidneymobile program and raising money to ensure that Lincoln Park Zoo will always be a free zoo, this no-nonense gal gets things done.

Simon threw herself into helping others, often masking personal sadness, and over her lifetime and today showcases a positive, focused, inspirational power and contagious spirit to get things done. I say "hurrah!"

Simon is speaking at The Women's Athletic Club on April 11 and other locations in the future. I hope to see you there. 

In the meantime, Simon's book is available on Amazon.com. Two thumbs up!

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