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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Chicago's Very Own: Book Author, Defense Attorney and Adult Literacy Advocate and Teacher

Rob Shindler's Book "Hot Dogs & Hamburgers" is changing the future for illiterate adults and kids.  The power of one person person's passion to help others is a lesson for us all.

Visit his site at www.robshindler.com to order the book.  And make sure to watch the amazing TV segment we did on WGN's "Chicago's Very Own!"(link below) A great way to start September.


Rob's journey started when his son was diagnosed with a disability.  He and his wife were told their son would never read past the 1st grade level. We all know the power of "Never say Never," and suffice it to say their son is heading off to a noted university when he graduates from high school next year.

 Rob, as a father, felt it was his responsibility to make a difference in his son's life and he volunteered at Literacy Chicago to learn how to teach his son to read. He never stopped volunteering and he has developed the most unique, entertaining methods of teaching that spark enthusiasm and results among his adult students.  His son and daughter (they are twins) accompany him to class sometimes because reading is a very special bond for them.

Doesn't that just want to make you volunteer somewhere?  (Read the next post!)

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